Exclusive patented technology

Avoids holes, buckles and strap overhang, you can add accessory buckles that also look great.

Clac is made with top quality leather that won´t wear out or look old showing stretched holes or scratches. Clac Belt is definitely the most attractive belt ever

Clac is so easy to adjust you can do it with one hand! but yet strong enough to hold your pants

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How Does it Work?

CLAC Belt´s patented technology makes it so easy that anyone can do it, just put it around your waist and... CLAC !!! You can adjust size anytime

Why the buckle?

CLAC is a buckleless belt but you can wear it as an accessory, our buckles don´t need screws or snaps, just let the magnets do their job, very easy to swap buckles, and YES, they will stay in your belt as long as you want

TSA Approved

Magnets are in the list of TSA approved items for both carry-on and checked items. Travel with confidence, your Clac belt goes with you.

Clac @ Macy's

Visit our Macy's showroom located on the first floor of Macy's North Star Mall, San Antonio, Tx. 

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