New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week

What an extraordinary experience!

When we were told that clac belt was collaborating with designer Michael Kuluva and we would be in a runway show at the most prestigious Fashion Week in the world, we just couldn´t believe it, the New York Fashion Week is the most important event in the fashion industry, and we were there.

New York is a city that involves, fascinates and conquers, the simple fact of being there is quite an experience, but attending a fashion runway, that is something else.

The Clac Belt was presented to the fashion world using the best possible showcase: The New York Fashion Week, Designer Michael Kuluva presented his 2019 Tumbler & Tipsy Collection which included this revolutionary belt that has no holes and does not need a buckle to fasten.

It is so cool to see how people react to these designs, they know that it´s what most of us mortals will see on the stores shelves next year and they can see it there, it´s just great!

Everybody kept asking how this amazing belt worked, no holes? ok, i´ve seen that in the ratchet belts, but wait, no buckle??? how do you do it?  does it hold? is it adjustable? it looks great, i want one!

Go to and see our full collection of these revolutionary belts that are changing the way people wear belts.


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