Natural Tan Leather Belt

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Clac Belt is a magnetic, click in place, leather belt that does away with holes, the choice of one buckle and strap overhang. The minimalist design creates a polished look that maintains a tight hold throughout the day.

There are a variety of sizes available, tailored for waists ranging from thirty inches to forty-nine inches. There sizes range from Small to XX-Large, ensuring that no body type is excluded from this new approach to the belt.

Bio Magnetism Health Benefits
Since our bodies operate as an Electro Magnetic System, the magnets in this belt provide many benefits for the body. It creates a magnetic field which enriches the blood with a surplus of oxygen. The white corpuscles are strengthened in their abilities as the body's natural healing agent. You can expect circulation and digestion to be regulated and balanced. Toxins and any other products the body needs to expel will be flushed out.


*ALL our products are shipped from our warehouse in Houston, Tx. the same day the order is placed 

-1.5" Width strap made with premium top grain leather

-No Holes, no buckle needed, easy to Adjust

-All CLAC buckles are easy to swap and can be worn with all straps

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