400 ct.- KN95 Respirator - as low as $2.00each

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Sold by case with 20 boxes, each box contains 20 masks.
Case contains 400 masks 
1-5 cases: $1,040 = $2.60 per mask
6 - 10 cases: $1,000/case = $2.50 per mask
11 - 19 cases: $960/case = $2.40 per mask
20+ cases: $800/case = $2.00 per mask
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5 Layers of High efficiency electrostatic filter cotton, respiratory resistance is small, the filtration efficiency of non - oily particulate matter in more than 95%
Adjustable nose clip to adjust the mask to the face to ensure good tightness. 
The cup-shaped design provides a large internal space to improve breathing comfort
Unique cold flow breathing valve Face seal, more comfortable to wear
Unique nose clip, internal skin-friendly design, reduce nose pressure and pain
Comply with GB 2626-2006 certification.

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