Why Clac Belt?

Once you try CLAC, You´ll never go back

🔺No holes 🔺Great design & perfect fit  🔺Variety of colors & exchangeable buckles 🔺Top quality leather  🔺One hand adjustable  🔺No strap overhang 🔺Super comfortable

Original Shark from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington recommends CLAC


Forget about old fashion belts issues

  • Holes stretching
  • Strap overhang
  • Cheap Materials or faux leather, plastic ratchet system that breaks easily
  • Only one buckle
  • Buckles that scratch leather
  • Evidence of "weight fluctuation"

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Our Exclusive Patented Technology

Clac is made of quality premium leather that won´t stretch or scratch and will continue looking good for years. 

Perfect fit and very easy to adjust. This buckle free, holeless belt is the most attractive belt ever! 

Clac holds tight, we tested it for you


Magnets assist body to regain it´s self healing balance and:

  • Create a magnetic field that energizes and oxygenates blood, specially the white corpuscles which are the body´s natural healing agent.
  • Help the body to perform it´s natural healing process, improve circulation and digestive system functions
  • Help to expel deposited unsuitable products from body and remove toxins


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